The Project

If you are enrolled in class you are already involved in the project!

Your role is as follows:

  • Fulfill all missions as described in “Missions” page.
  • You can collaborate on researching the missions, but you have to submit your own final report.
  • For every digital element you use in completing your missions, keep your eye on one that is not digital. In other words, if you find a good website, also go and look for supporting evidence in the library.

Mission schedule: there are weekly deadlines (see the course website), so keep an eye on them! Training starts on the first day of the quarter -- there is no break from training!

After you have completed your missions, you will be asked to write a report. Your skill level will be assessed (in other words, you’ll get a grade), and you will either join the ranks of the living as a “digital citizen,” or you’ll be declared a “digital zombie."

In order to graduate to “digital citizen” and avoid the digital zombie disease, complete the missions using both analog (physical) and digital (virtual) research tools.

If you miss or fail missions you won’t be ready for the final report!

Poor training makes you vulnerable to attack and infection, and you will likely become a “digital zombie”   [¬º-°]¬

The goal of this project is to train everyone in digital literacy and awareness, survival skills most helpful in our modern digital and physical worlds.

Help us help you – complete the missions!